Wentworth Falls, Blue Mtns workshop coming up April 28th 2024. Experience the practical benefits of the Alexander technique.

About BodyMinded

  • Recover from injury
  • Improve performance
  • Achieve mindfulness in life

BodyMinded is a contemporary health and performance school, based on the Alexander technique. We promote well-being and great performance by teaching you practical conscious cooperation with your human design.

BodyMinded learning draws on current scientific understanding to help you enjoy and gain the most out of your profession, your practice and your everyday life. We offer lessons, classes and workshops face-to-face and online.

Learn to move better, live better and feel better with BodyMinded.

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BodyMinded Applications

» MUSIC: BodyMinded assists Musicians, Performers and Music teachers

DrummerBodyMinded assists musicians, performers and music teachers of all kinds to achieve their potential in personal lessons, classes and professional development training.

Come into conscious cooperation with yourself, your instrument and your audience and along the way resolve issues with technical skill, tension, nerves and pain. We will equip you to deepen your teaching with knowledge and skill to support your students.


» Yoga and Pilates: Coordinate your transitions

Coordinate your yoga transitions, improve your balance and flexibility and support your students.





» Wellbeing: the practical reconditioning of your whole self

Manage and overcome pain and injury through the practical reconditioning of your whole self.







Alexander Technique practical teaching involves the teacher using their hands. To ensure everyone’s health and safety, the teacher will wear a mask for any hands-on work.

We have ensured we are complying with safe social distancing for our classes. Extra cleaning and hygiene practices are in place for our clients, our staff and our premises. 

If you are feeling unwell, have recently returned from overseas or have been in close contact with someone who has Covid19, please do not attend your class – we would love to see you online or at a later date.

We continue to offer online classes for anyone who would prefer this option.

You can download our COVID-19 Safety Plan here.