F.M. Alexander: Life and Discoveries (Context Module 1)

Module Description

We’ll travel through 19th Century Australia to explore who F.M. Alexander was, what he did and how he did it, applying it for ourselves as we go. When you experience Alexander’s process of discovery for yourself, you will gain a much deeper understanding of what the Alexander Technique actually is. In doing so, you’re setting yourself up for more confidence, competence and creativity in conveying it to others, and more success as a teacher.

Each class will include personal practice and application of F.M. Alexander’s discoveries to your own co-ordination! Practical, live, interactive online learning.

This is a core module for students in the Alexander Technique teacher training pathway, however open to all interested students.

Facilitated by Dave Carr.


Module logistics

Online classes, Mondays noon – 2pm, 2020. This class is a core component of the flexible training approach for the BodyMinded Alexander Technique Teacher pathway.

This online module is open to people outside the BodyMinded Alexander Technique teacher training pathway.

There are 16 classes for this module 2020:

  1. 27 July (term 3)
  2. 3 August
  3. 10 August
  4. 17 August
  5. 24 August
  6. 7 September
  7. 14 September
  8. 5 October (term 4)
  9. 12 October
  10. 19 October
  11. 26 October
  12. 2 November
  13. 16 November
  14. 23 November
  15. 30 November
  16. 7 December

On booking we will send you an invoice for $769 (GST included) this covers the full module, 16 classes.

Students purchase their own text books, see suggested options for your book purchases below…

Required texts

The Use of the Self, by F.M. Alexander




F.M.: The Life Of Frederick Matthias Alexander, by Michael Bloch



Please purchase your books ASAP and begin reading!

About Dave Carr

I help musicians play better and more freely. I spent many years struggling with pain in my arms as a result of the way I moved to play guitar and banjo. After experimenting with many modalities, I discovered the Alexander Technique. Through the Technique I learned what I’d unknowingly been doing that lead to my issues, and what I could do instead that would enable me to get back into playing. It’s important to me to share these concepts and experiences with other musicians, so they can more easily move towards fulfil their dreams and desires, and simply be able to enjoy making music.

I draw on my years of experience studying and teaching the Alexander Technique, teaching music, and also studying Classical Guitar with Philip Houghton. I have been teaching guitar and banjo since 1997 and graduated as an Alexander Technique teacher in 2016.

Teacher Dave Carr