Safe and Healthy Music Teaching – PILOT

CALL OUT for Music Teachers


FAST FACTS – term 4, 2021

What: Safe and Health Music Teaching focuses on concepts that will help music teachers be more comfortable when you teach.  Based on BodyMinded principles, the content is practical and has been designed so you can apply it immediately into your everyday life.  This first unit in the series is about YOU, looking after yourself with simple practical strategies.

Who: Music teachers of various experience levels; primary and high school teachers; band; choir; school ensemble directors/ conductors.  Also applicable for instrument teachers. No prior experience of Alexander Technique required.

When: Term 4, 2021 – pilot program of Safe and Healthy Music Teaching

Dates: 24, 31 October and 7, 14, 21 November.

Time: 6pm Sydney time

Fee: $65 Pilot price

Delivery Mode: Four (4) online live sessions (Sundays) or watch the replays.  We are looking both for teachers able to attend live sessions AND also teachers able to watch replays. We have a fifth session scheduled to gather feedback and make sure we gain all your insights.

Teacher: Led by Ann Clarke, an experienced classroom music teacher and BodyMinded Practitioner Graduate.

Ann Clarke

Ann Clarke – BodyMinded Practitioner Graduate



Q. What does the pilot hope to achieve?

A. We are seeking motivated and engaged music teachers (we know 99% of music teachers are this!) to provide feedback and help us make the program as relevant and useful to teachers as possible. The Expression of Interest process is to select teachers from across states, experience levels, primary and high schools, band, ensemble and choir conductors etc.

The questions we have for the pilot phase are:

  • Is the content relevant? Too much detail, not enough detail?
  • Is the format and delivery of the content appropriate?
  • Are the suggested personal practice applications of the ideas useful?
  • Do you want a more interactive approach to the PD?
  • What do you think is the appropriate price point for this PD?
  • Has this PD been useful for you?
  • What would improve the PD?

You will be able to give feedback easily; we promise not to make it challenging or boring!  We will be happy to listen to all your comments and insights.

Q. Why has the Safe and Healthy Music Teaching program been started?

A. Our 30 years of clinical work with musicians of every genre and instrument has revealed that music teachers are the front line in injury prevention.  Most music training does not explicitly provide information about how the body is designed for functioning – especially with instruments.  Giving music teachers up to date knowledge and strategies we believe will significantly contribute to more joyful and pain free music!

Q. Who has created this PD?

A. Sydney Alexander Technique, trading as BodyMinded Alexander Technique, has started developing this PD idea for music teachers. We are a small business working mostly in the professional training arena. We train Alexander Technique Teachers, have a professional training for BodyMinded practitioners and now are developing this shorter more targeted program for music teachers.

A small team has been preparing the content, including Ann Clarke, an experienced classroom music teacher, who is the main facilitator of the PD.  A lot of love and goodwill has gone into this project so far and we are hopeful that our pilot teachers find it useful and relevant too.

Q. What do teachers get from being involved in the PILOT?

A. Opportunity for early access to our concepts and tool kit at a significantly reduced price.   Opportunity to ‘shape’ the program so it meets teachers’ genuine needs.  All the pilot teachers will be invited to the first public offering of the program in term 1, 2022 for no additional charge and will have “Forever” access to the online tool kit.

Q. Why is there a fee for the pilot?

A. The fee is $65 to be part of the pilot program.  When offered in 2022 the fee will be somewhere between $250 – $400 dollars.  The future fee is one area we will be asking for feedback about during the pilot.  The pilot fees will offset our cost for running the pilot.  As a modest investment of $65 we hope to attract engaged music teachers. Remember your PD is a tax deduction and perhaps your school will pay for it?