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At Sydney Alexander Technique, we are committed to providing our students world-class teachers, who have exceptional training and are adaptable to the circumstance of each unique individual.

Greg Holdaway

Greg Holdaway

Director of Sydney Alexander Technique and founder of the BodyMinded Approach

At the centre of Human lives and capacities is the relation between our conscious minds, physical bodies and spirit, something that remains intriguing and mysterious no matter how much study you do. I have been training, teaching and investigating human movement and potential for over 30 years, and I’m still learning and developing in skill and understanding.

My work involves helping skilled and creative people, particularly Musicians, with their performance and wellbeing. I present at music and well-being conferences regularly and am a member of ASPAH (Aust. Soc. of Performing Arts Healthcare). I have trained professional Alexander technique teachers over many years.

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At a relatively young age my professional dance work left me with a range of injuries and tension problems. Finding the Alexander technique was a lifesaver, it alleviated the pain from injuries, and improved my ability to move with clarity, ease and enjoyment right from the start.
Since graduating as an Alexander Technique teacher, I have taught thousands of lessons working with daily movements, injuries, training children, musicians, sports people and more.
More recently I have spent time in academic study and teaching in the areas of Anatomy and Physiology, Biomechanics and Motor Control. My particular academic interests have focused around the control of movement via reflexes and the use of motor-imagery in influencing motor control.
I am a regular contributor to professional and academic conferences, including the Australian Society of Performing Arts Healthcare, Australasian Piano Pedagogy conference, Flute Festival, Guitar Festival, Conductors and Band conferences, Music Teachers Assn, Violin Society conferences etc.
Beside living and breathing Alexander Technique (also part of running a small business!) I enjoy spending time in with my family in nature; bush walking, cycling and camping. My ideal is swinging gently in a hammock in the bush reading a recent scholarly article!

Kathy with Puppet

Kathy Driscoll

Manager and Business Director

I have been watching the Alexander Technique for over 30 years. Greg Holdaway and I met when he was beginning his professional training to be an Alexander teacher. I have been lucky to learn with many wonderful teachers and I use Alexander Technique in my life all the time.

Greg & I are partners, working towards realising the vision of a community of Marj Barstow style teachers plus creating and supporting a dynamic community of teachers where our goal is simply to help people. I believe in the positive work that we do.

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I am a former professional dancer, with teaching and creative practice always playing some part in my life.  My creative interests are working with arts practice for creative connections with people.

Plus puppets, did I mention I love puppets?

Anne Finlay

Associate Director, Professional Teacher
Training Program, Yoga Teacher

I have practiced and taught yoga for 30 years. Before that I was a massage therapist. Clearly I have a thing for bodies and movement! I am fascinated by movement, and how we use our body.

I first encountered the Alexander Technique through a book, this book described the Alexander Technique as providing the potential for change by working with habituated patterns and responses. Wow – that made sense to me and I was on my way to becoming a student, and later a teacher of Alexander Technique.

I trained in Sydney over 20 years ago and have been teaching ever since. I’ve worked with acting colleges, music schools and many individuals in my private practice.

I love being in the bush and swimming – both have restorative benefits for me. Spending time with family gives me great joy. Having raised three children, I am now a grandmother of 5. The joy of being a grandmother surprises me time and again.

Dave Carr

Alexander Technique Teacher, Musician & Music Teacher

I am a professional musician, playing guitar and banjo.  I developed discomfort in my arms, which was a big concern because music is my passion. I explored many approaches to treating this, consulted with many professionals about it – physiotherapists, a surgeon, a muscular-skeletal specialist, chiropractors, osteopaths, a massage therapist, an acupuncturist, amongst others. Each person had their advice to offer – advice that was helpful, but I was still having to keep taking breaks from playing because I was injuring myself and suffering with pain.

Then I came across the Alexander Technique.  I learnt what I was doing that was causing my problems, and how I could stop doing these things. It was quite shocking to realise what I had been doing without recognising it!

I decided to train as an Alexander teacher.  This turned out to be one of the most inspiring experiences of my life. Now I am bringing together my BodyMinded Alexander Technique teaching, my music teaching and I continue with my performing too.

Breaking stylistic boundaries in music has always been a lot of fun for me. Currently the guitarist and banjo player with gypsy band Lolo Lovina.

Rosemary Lambeth

Alexander Technique Teacher

My introduction to the Alexander Technique in the 1980’s was through attending yoga classes with a teacher trained in the Technique.

After obtaining a Science degree in Advanced Nursing it became evident to me that there was a missing link between the intellectual knowledge I had of anatomy and physiology and its application. What I was seeking turned out to be F.M. Alexander’s concept of “use”. I trained to be a teacher & now I have been teaching the Alexander Technique for over 15 years.

Working as a Registered Nurse for 25 years in major teaching hospitals I became interested in the value of empowering patients to participate and indeed take some responsibility for their own health:  the field of preventative medicine. Confirmation of the ability to consciously change our own neurology is now widely accepted by the scientific community; Alexander Technique I see as one of the methodologies for creating personal change.

My other passion is travel, regularly trekking in the Himalayan Region.  Having studied French for 7 years I take the opportunity to visit France whenever time allows.

Gal Mor

Alexander Technique Teacher, Acupuncturist

I find Alexander Technique to be both ordinary and extraordinary! It assists us to cooperate with our original design and with time becomes a way of life. Alexander Technique has certainly helped me to be a better clinician, a better husband and a better father!

I very much enjoy my own on-going process with Alexander Technique as well as the beauty of the profound changes which take place in my students.

I have been practicing natural therapies since 1996, since I completed studies in Reflexology. I graduated from the Medi-Cin College, Tel Aviv, with a four-year Diploma in Acupuncture and Chinese Herbal Medicine. I completed two post-graduate courses in ancient esoteric acupuncture and western medical pathologies.

I have been a meditator for twenty years. For the past ten years I’ve taught meditation which I enjoy very much.

Clive Salzer

Alexander Technique Teacher, Ortho-bionomy and Bowen Therapist Clive Salzer

Alexander Technique has refined Clive’s lifelong passion for body mechanics and personal development. After 30 years teaching yoga, he is now a BodyMinded Alexander Technique teacher focusing on health and happiness.

As a BodyMinded practitioner, Clive uses listening and learning, rather than judgement or diagnosis, to generate insights for himself and his students.

Clive sees BodyMinded practices as a method of empowerment over limiting beliefs, which surround us and are embedded in our subconscious.

We are designed to move, so why not use this capacity to move “up” – to a place of more choices and greater clarity, and expansion in posture fitness.

Anthea Paterson

Alexander Technique Teacher, Ortho-bionomy TherapistAnthea Salzer

Coming from Brazil in 2012 I was unexpectedly introduced to ‘myself’ through learning Alexander Technique. A powerful and life changing learning process.

As a BodyMinded Alexander Technique teacher I listen and look to what my students’ deep needs are and do my best to meet these in creative and useful ways.  I’ve learnt to trust my knowledge and intuition when coaching.

I use the BodyMinded approach in all areas of my life, including my choir conducting. I have found it opens doorways into people’s creative potential.

As a musician, an Office Manager for 25 years and studying several body work modalities, what I have I discovered through Alexander Technique, well…  I wish I had been taught since childhood.

Simon Hingee

Alexander Technique and Yoga Teacher, Massage TherapistSimone Hingee Photo

I am a Remedial Massage Therapist and Yoga Teacher who has found inspiration in Alexander Technique. Inspiration to compassionately build skill in the thinking and the moving of my whole self in my work and daily life. In my massage and Yoga Teaching work I continue to be amazed and inspired at how deeply Alexander Technique can affect and improve all areas of my life. From self-care, refining skill and new perspectives in my Yoga and Massage work to greater ease, creativity and joy in my daily activities, relationships and hobbies (tai chi, drawing and painting).

Steve Fisher

BodyMinded Practitioner

I’m a drummer and erstwhile martial artist who also spends lots of time in IT-related work whilst exploring how our moment-to-moment thinking directly affects movement and co-ordination.

Janet Nolan

Student Admin SupportJanet Nolan

I’ve known Kathy almost 20 years, since we worked together on a fabulous environmental education project. By association, I’ve known Greg nearly as long. They’re great people and I was really happy when they invited me to join the BodyMinded family.

I’ve always been interested in health and fitness and enjoy pushing myself and my body physically and mentally. I’ve long been a keen hiker, enjoy cycling and have recently returned to long distance running (this time trail runs) and netball.  I’m a life-long learner and this role is a joy because I get to interact with all our students and also I get lots of Alexander Technique  which helps me keep doing the things I love.


We are proud to present at least one masterclass workshop in Sydney each year, hosting our international masterclass teachers. Each of our international affiliates are experts in their field and have a wealth of knowledge and experience to share from different corners of the world.

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Cathy Madden

Master teacher of Alexander Technique and author of “Onstage Synergy: Integrative Alexander Technique Practice for Performing Artists”.

I began my studies in the Alexander Technique with Master Teacher Marjorie Barstow in 1975 while I was a graduate student in theatre at Washington University in St. Louis.

I moved to Lincoln, Nebraska to continue my studies with Marjorie Barstow and began teaching the Alexander Technique in 1980. I worked with Marj as an apprentice for 8 wonderful years, returning after this often to have more time observing her amazing teaching.

In Seattle, I was a founding member of The Performance School, and began teaching for the University of Washington’s Professional Actor Training Program.

I now travel regularly to training schools and do workshops in England, Germany, and Switzerland, and Australia. I am Associate Director for ATA, an Alexander training school in Tokyo and Kyoto. In Seattle, I teach for the University of Washington’s Professional Actor Training Program. I am Director of the Alexander Technique Training and Performance Studio, and Artistic Director of Raven’s Flight.

Lucia Walker

Lucia is a highly experienced dancer, movement teacher and Alexander technique teacher based in South Africa. Lucia trains Alexander teacher teachers in South Africa, and travels the world giving masterclasses.

My parents, Dick and Elisabeth Walker trained with FM Alexander in the 1930’s and 40’s and I qualified from their training in 1987. You might say I was ‘born to move well’, growing up in the rich and aware environment that I had.

I am interested as an artist in the dynamic explorations of awareness and presence in the context of daily activities, rehabilitation and always interested in the joy & freedom of expression through movement.

My creative practice includes contact improvisation, a form of post modern dance which has a strong tradition of being in the present moment, much like the outcome of Alexander Technique thinking.

When I’m teaching workshops we explore our individual capacity for movement, using such themes as physical contact without resistance, finding sources of support and uncovering a unified awareness of ourselves in activity.

Pedro Alcantara

Musician, Alexander teacher, writer and presenter Pedro de Alcantara is a teacher of great skill, creativity and artistry.

I am an internationalist, I grew up in Brazil, studied classical cello in New York, trained with Patrick MacDonald as an Alexander teacher in London, and settled in Paris. I have worked all over the world, and often return to institutions such as the Royal College of Music in London, New York University, and the Conservatoire Populaire de Genève.

I have written several books: “Indirect Procedures: A Musician’s Guide to the Alexander Technique”, “The Alexander Technique: A Skill for Life”, “The Integrated Musician” and a range of novels.

I  coach concert pianists, singers, guitarists, accordionists, and even players of the tin whistle and didgeridoo. My teaching practice is broad-based and includes writers, artists, dancers, actors, and creative individuals in all fields.


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