BodyMinded teaches practical skills based on the Alexander Technique to improve your health, wellbeing and performance. It is a system designed to retrain one’s awareness and habits of posture to ensure minimum effort and strain, creating a positive habit of moving mindfully through life.

Improve your posture and mobility
and enjoy more ease of movement

Learn to manage and relieve physical
discomfort and internal stress

Improve your performance in your
chosen area of skill

Being BodyMinded is about stopping habits that harm you.

At Sydney Alexander Technique, we help you refine your postural and movement habits to create the best possible coordination in all your activities. In our practical classes you will work towards the freedom to achieve what you want with less tension, effort and struggle. We facilitate your transition into comfortable, accurate and easy movement in your daily life and help you generate improvement in skilled activities such as music performance, movement and sport.

Becoming conscious of your way of moving and learning to constructively direct yourself, rather than relying on pre-established habits, leads to mastery of effortless action and a deep understanding of your own decision making and movement processes.




Alexander Technique has uncovered fascinating aspects of how we, as human beings, function and has been formed on a foundation of basic principles that are validated by medical studies in accordance with the scientific disciplines of biomechanics and motor control. The principles include the inaccuracy of habitual sensory perception, the central role in overall coordination of the head, neck and back, and the reflex stimulating effect of well-balanced movement.

Mind-body unity

Everything in the mind affects the body, and everything happening in the body equally affects the mind.

The force of habit

We are not always conscious of what we think or do. To break bad habits, we must replace instinctual decisions with conscious and considered actions.

Inhibition and non-doing

‘Inhibitions’ refers to the detachment from the goal of instant gratification and ‘non-doing’ refers to a creating a calm space in which we must STOP and assess our situation consciously.

Faulty sensory awareness

Over time, our internal compass can become skewed in the space between our mind and body. This compass needs to be reset regularly to reach optimum mind-body unity.

Sending directions

Becoming more aware of the mind body connection, the orientation of the body in space, and the sending of messages from the brain to parts of the body.

Primary control & movement

The dynamic head-neck-torso relationship is primary to all movement throughout the rest of the body. Without conscious effort, the primary control becomes locked.

For Musicians

For Yogis

Recovery & Wellness

Become a Teacher


Students learn to control muscle tension and stress, establish balance and coordination in their activities and experience a sense of grace in their movements, greater confidence in completing tasks and better precision in achieving their goals. In completing your Alexander Technique BodyMinded training, you should expect to gain:

  • Increased awareness and ease in your daily activities
  • Relief from back pain and other physical discomforts
  • Performance improvements in skilled activities i.e. sports, music, voice, dance
  • Increased control and grace in movement
  • Improved posture

“We notice, with growing amazement, very striking improvements in such diverse things as high blood pressure, breathing, depth of sleep, overall cheerfulness and mental alertness, resilience against outside pressures, and also in such a refined skill as playing a stringed instrument.”


Professional Development Scholarships
Music Teachers, Yoga Pilates & BodyWorkers - PD Scholarships now open for 2022.