Our Graduates


Our professional training programs provide a rich and deep experience for our trainees, they become insightful, caring and highly skilled coaches and teachers with the BodyMinded approach. We are committed to excellence, and are very proud of the influence our graduates are having in their communities.

Erin Poga

Occupational Therapist, BodyMinded Practitioner and Alexander Technique teacher in training

Building on the professional foundation of her occupational therapy training Erin is an insightful and highly skills practitioner. Erin is interested in flexibility and ease for everyone she works with regardless of their physical challenges.

Jo Carey

BodyMinded Music teacher and pilates instructor in training

Dedicated and inspiring high school music teacher, Jo uses her BodyMinded training to enhance music learning with her students. Also a advocate for learning and health Jo also is a pilates mat instructor.

Marjorie Butcher

BodyMinded singer and performer

2017 Music Scholarship Awardee. Majorie is a singer and performer, she used the BodyMinded approach in her professional work.

Dave Starr

Alexander Technique Teacher, AUSTAT, BodyMinded practitioner

Dave has overcome serious challenges using Alexander Technique, he now teaches in the Blue Mountains. Dave also has a keen interest in non -violent communication, he is a deeply caring and respectful teacher.

Tania Bowers

BodyMinded graduate and hairdresser

pain. Undertaking the BodyMinded training has given her practical tools to do the work she enjoy and remain healthy. Tania works in the Blue Mountains area.

Rosey Dunstan

BodyMinded Graduate

Rosey teaches Sanskrit! As a BodyMinded graduate Rosey explores the world of meaning making including co-ordination and thinking.

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More Graduates

Jane Buhler

Alexander Technique Teacher, AUSTAT

First AUSTAT graduate from the Sydney Alexander Technique teacher training program. Jane is a deeply experienced school councillor and meditator. She brings a unique perspective to Alexander Technique practice, residing in the Blue Mountains NSW.

Shilo Oliviri

Alexander Technique Teacher, AUSTAT, Yoga teacher, BodyMinded practitioner

Passionate about health, fitness and wellbeing Shilo is a life long learner and a joyful generous teacher.

Chloe Chung

BodyMinded Flute teacher and Alexander Technique teacher in training

Chloe is part of a new generation of musicians that question the “norns” around health and wellbeing for musicians.  A highly accomplished flutist (and wester and Chinese flutes), Chloe is promising to be a wonderful Alexander Technique teacher. Her coaching as a BodyMinded flute teacher is insightful and genuinely helpful to players. Chloe teaches in St Leonards.

Junichero Nishikawa

Alexander Technique Teacher, ATI  BodyMinded practitioner

Junichero gained his Alexander Technique teacher accreditation with Alexander Technique International (ATI) while studying for a year with Greg Holdaway, he has now returned to Japan and begun his teaching practice there.  His training in Sydney was an outcome of the positive relationship we have with the BodyChance Studio in Japan.

Chong Yew Tan

BodyMinded Musician

Chong Yew as a professional musician came to Alexander Technique due to chronic injury. Chong Yew came from Malaysia to study intensively with Greg Holdaway, in this time he achieved BodyMinded Practitioner status.  Chong Yew continues to perform in Malaysia and develop his BodyMinded approach to performing.

Louise Mahoney

BodyMinded Practitioner, Alexander Technique teacher in training

Louise is a writer, thinker, creative person who dives deeply into the BodyMinded approach. Working for harmony in everyday life and transformation from challenging physical stimulus.

Pam Darby -Mann

BodyMinded Practitioner, massage therapist and NLP trainer

Working in Regional NSW (Moling, Orange), Pam has extensive professional clinical experience as a massage therapist.  Pam has been studying Alexander Technique for about 20 years. Pam now blends her BodyMinded knowledge, massage expertise with her communication training in Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) for the benefits of her clients.

Patrick Wong

BodyMinded Musician

Patrick is a leading music educator in NSW, working at James Russe High School (#1  High School for HSC results in NSW). Patrick uses his BodyMinded knowledge to infuse, inspire and help his students. Patrick is also an AMEB examiner and an active performer himself, he applies the BodyMinded approach to his own creative work too!

Sylvia Raymond

BodyMinded graduate and yoga teacher

Sylvia used the BodyMinded approach for her yoga teaching, to ensure all students are working safely and with their best co-ordination.

Deborah Brinkhoff

BodyMinded graduate, Alexander Technique teacher in training

Deborah is based in Tasmania, as a professional massage therapist she is actively blending the BodyMinded approach into her care and treatment of clients.

Thila Raja

BodyMinded Practitioners and Speech Therapist

Thila is a speech therapist and also an artist, a dancer.  Thila uses the BodyMinded approach to help her clients find their voice much as F.M Alexander did for himself!

Maxine Makaroff

BodyMinded graduate

Maxine has a super quick wit and intelligence. The BodyMinded approach has renovated her internal map of yourself. Often poetic and linked to visual images, Maxine explores the BodyMinded approach with laughter and images.

Pavle Cajic

BodyMinded Musician

Pavle is a contemporary classical composer, with excellent BodyMinded skills to maintain an injury free regime of piano practice.

Charity Chuang

BodyMinded Musician

2016 Music Scholarship Awardee

Charity has a deep interest in healing and health. The BodyMinded approach influenced her piano playing and her teaching. Currently undertaking more study in Chinese Medicine.

Sara Mendes

BodyMinded Music teacher

Sara immediately incorporated the BodyMinded approach into her piano teaching practice. Returning to England after the training, she continues to teach student healthy music habits.

Derek Galloway

BodyMinded graduate

An experienced and accomplished flute teacher, Derek came to the BodyMinded training interested to teach his students so they would be more comfortable and have less strain.


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