RestBetter – a simple home practise


Alexander Technique is a practical skill learned to improve your health, wellbeing and performance. It is a system designed to retrain one’s awareness and habits of posture to ensure minimum effort and strain, creating a positive habit of moving mindfully through life.

A simple, no special equipment required practice to help you overcome your strain, stress or pain at home.

Rest Better is a semi-supine gentle practice which places you in the most gravity advantageous position for recovery of natural balance and poise.

RestBetter can be a healthy way to rest, especially if you have tension or injury to manage, and can also be an active practise that will progressively create improvement in your physical support, posture, movement and and coordination.
The best aspects: it’s free and no equipment or special training needed! Just watch our instructional video and you are ready to start doing your ‘Rest Better’ practice.

Research shows that just 20 minutes of practice will naturally rehydrate your intervertebral discs. Simply put, you can ‘plump’ up your discs with this super simple technique and enjoy the benefits in as little as 20 minutes!


  • Relieve pressure on joints and injured areas, particularly your neck and back
  • Provides a time in your day to practice mindfulness in movement and improve posture and coordination

What you need:

  • Up to 20 mins of time (but any amount of time you can manage is useful)
  • Floor space
  • Book for under your head
  • Blanket (if you think you will get cold)
  • Video explanation and instructions – we provide this one!

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