Brisbane Classes – 2021

Alexander Technique Classes in Brisbane

Apply the principles of the Alexander Technique into your professional skills and your daily life. Join the next Brisbane class series.

Sorry CANCELED due to COVID.

Please enquire about re-scheduled workshops in Brisbane


Leading Australian Alexander Technique teacher Greg Holdaway, Training Director at Sydney Alexander Technique is returning to Brisbane with a short series of classes and lessons in June 2021. This is the first opportunity since the COVID lockdowns began for people in Brisbane and Northern NSW to work with Greg.

Greg has extensive experience working with musicians, coaches, yoga and pilates professionals and people seeking personal ease and comfort with improved posture and coordination.



These classes use the BodyMinded approach which is based on three processes that support high performance, safety and skill:

  • Coordination of the whole self in activity
  • Conscious cooperation with human design
  • Constructive, well-structured action planning

Remove stress, manage injury and recovery, and improve performance.

Professional Development: These classes are appropriate and effective in professional applications such as: music teaching, musical performance, acting, yoga practice, yoga teaching, massage professional practice, meditation and martial arts. Greg is a specialist in helping people develop professional skills to enhance their effectiveness as performers, teachers, coaches and bodyworkers.

Rehabilitation Personal Self-management: On the personal front Greg is skilled at helping people with personal chronic and ongoing challenges. Greg empowers you to discover deeper insights about the body, mind and movement relationship along the journey to foster positive change in your life. This can include having a positive impact on pain.

The poise, balance, power and grace we see developing in young children are gifted to us as the foundations for the learning of all things in life, and can be regained in adulthood as a process of conscious cooperation with human design.


There are two half day classes, Saturday and Sunday – ideally taken together as well as private lessons available.

If you would like an introduction to the process, there is a short free class also available. See booking link below.


“I’m just focusing on really cementing the new habit of being mindful and remembering, and it has slowed down my practice. I can really see the results – everything flows more naturally when I’m properly aware of my body.”

“I have been working with Greg Holdaway for over five years, and during that time my approach to instrumental playing and teaching has undergone a dramatic shift. I have become more aware of the anatomy and physical structure of the human body, and how to apply that knowledge to moving freely and well when performing activities. I am more cognisant of the ‘bad habits’ and tensions that have hampered my playing in the past, and have developed the self-awareness and skills to counteract these problems.”