This is the professional development program page. Information on individual lessons and public workshops is available here, or click here to return to the home-page for an overview of BodyMinded.


The BodyMinded professional development program is in recess for the first semester of 2024. All online aspects of the training can still be accessed, along with individual coaching online and in-person where logistics allow. Please see details of the program below. Questions can be answered by email Greg Holdaway on greg@alexandertechnique.com.au or online conversation, click here.

Your professional performance and teaching skills will be enhanced with an in-depth practical understanding of human movement founded on anatomy, biomechanics and the Alexander Technique. Your performance skills and your approach to coaching students will develop, building a constructive conscious approach supported by high quality understanding of ‘how things work’.

“I highly recommend this course for anyone seeking  professional and personal development. The knowledge gained will, if practised regularly, enhance your awareness and quality of movement for the rest of your life.

Thank you, Greg, for bringing the wonder back into movement.”

Sarah Dunn, BodyMinded Graduate 2020


You will engage in both content learning and guided practise to learn the unique insights and processes that make up a BodyMinded approach.  The course extends over one year part-time and can be customised to fit your personal circumstances and desires. Ultimately you graduate with a BodyMinded Practitioner certificate demonstrating your training and commitment to excellence in professional practise.

Training includes face-to-face intensive workshops, weekly online training, private lessons, extensive notes, and a textbook supported by 30+ specific videos and additional material. The course is designed to be largely self-paced to fit within your already busy personal and professional life. The weekly time commitment is approximately 2 hours over 32 weeks in the year, there are regular breaks that coincide with NSW school holidays.


  • Specific injury prevention and rehabilitation strategies
  • Practical coaching skills based on an in-depth functional study of human movement anatomy
  • Movement analysis skills to enable solutions to challenges
  • Performance and coaching process that include the whole person in action
  • Alexander technique methods in your performance and teaching
  • Improved personal coordination and skills to enhance coordination in your students
  • Self-awareness and mindfulness in activity



The course will recommence in April 2023, and progress through to January 2024.

Please note the timetable can be customised to work with your situation. Please enquire or speak to the Director

Indicative Timetable

Face-to-face workshops

  • 4 Day intensive in Sydney April
  • 2 Day intensive in Sydney July
  • 2 Day intensive in Sydney October
  • 4 Day intensive in January 2024

Ongoing learning

  • Notes and videos weekly on our learning site
  • One-hour online class per week (recorded)
  • One private coaching session per month (11 all together)

The program is designed to work within your busy personal and professional timetable. Indicative minimum commitment each week is 2 hours.


The cost of the course for 2022 was $4200 + textbook (around $50). You can enrol with a deposit of $200. There is an early-bird discount of 10% on the full cost if your enrolment deposit is received by March 9th. Most of our students use a monthly payment schedule or we can make an arrangement that works for you. Please also ask about student/low-income discounts.

We offer scholarships that may reduce the fee. Please apply here when you are ready.


Shamarra, Harpist and Harp teacher, BM Graduate 2021

You give very generously, in a way which allows me to immerse in the anatomical journey.  The pre-recorded videos, classes, notes and reference text give lots of repetition and opportunities to deepen my learning.  Specific clues into how to implement and put it into action are very valuable – like your riff today on RH/LH torsion in using a screwdriver.

Clare, Musician and Music teacher, BM Graduate 2020

I have had huge improvements in my posture and gained an awareness of my body that I lacked before. This awareness helps me move and perform in a more organised and effortless manner.

In anything we do our whole body is involved, (so) it only makes sense to understand how our body coordinates, in order to achieve the desired movement or technique in our actions.

Renato, teacher/performer, BM Graduate 2020

The flexibility of module delivery has ensured that my study can easily fit into my very busy schedule.

The one-on-one classes are fantastic to catch-up on missed lectures/workshops

Greg is an incredible teacher. He is always available, and his knowledge is second to none.

Yvonne, Pianist and Piano teacher, BM Graduate 2020

I was inspired by the simple motion and instructions that were given by Greg during the workshop at the Australasian Piano Pedagogy Conference 2019. I was amazed at how there is more movability, and it made me curious about the Bodyminded training programme.

I see piano students who used to have poor posture gain more support through the instructions given to them. I’ve applied that in my own practice at the piano and cello playing. I do find more freedom in movement when playing. And also in my piano teaching

Sarah, Pilates Teacher, BM Graduate 2021

The anatomy notes are very user-friendly. I have studied anatomy before, but these notes, and the practical sessions which support them, really bring the human body to life. Key points in the notes gave me a clearer understanding of human movement, more than a regular anatomy textbook.

This year, the COVID-19 pandemic has been challenging for everyone. However, because the course is already partially delivered online, it moved onto full online learning, which has proved to be successful. Through online tutorials and Zoom meetings, participants have got to know each other, and feel supported and connected.

Daniel Philippe Brisbane 2018 BodyMinded

I also notice a difference when I play piano – it also feels much more free and it’s easy and enjoyable to do, much more so than I have ever experienced.  I feel a bit ripped off that it’s taken nearly 40 years of piano playing for me to finally learn this.  My piano teachers never taught me anything much about this, or even about good piano technique in general!  A big learning experience for me as a teacher as well.

Michelle Griffin, Instrumentalist, singer and teacher

These skills have become invaluable to my teaching, as I find I am able to better assess any difficulties in movement that a student may be facing. Promoting freedom of movement at an early stage of learning ensures that a student has fewer physical problems further down the track. I have found Alexander Technique work with Greg Holdaway to be invaluable to my work as a musician and teacher, and would unreservedly recommend it to others.