BodyMinded Scholarships Training


Our BodyMinded Training Program is a unique blend of the study of human movement integrated with the practical application of Alexander Technique principles. BodyMinded has been helping and upskilling Musicians, Music Teachers, Yoga/Pilates Teachers and BodyWorkers since 2012. The core principle explored throughout this program is Mind-Body Unity, in which every action is an action of the whole-self.


Pop back in July for information on our 2022 program or get in touch to learn about more exciting BodyMinded Training opportunities for 2021!”

Get BodyMinded in 2021!
Professional Development Program Scholarships are now closed. Please get in touch to learn more about our exciting BodyMinded Training opportunities for 2021.

What is the program all about?

When you move, you move as a whole. There is a complex relationship of your physical structure (muscle, bones, nervous system) and your thinking (motivation, intention, goals, internal mapping of movement). BodyMinded training will help you to understand and navigate this complex landscape.

In the BodyMinded Training Program you will learn the relevant anatomical & biomechanical information in an applied way. The course has strong theoretical and research basis, however is presented in a practical manner. No prior anatomy or biomechanical study is required. You will be able to apply your new knowledge and insights into your personal and professional life immediately.