Prism of Learning with Cathy Madden

Prism of Learning with Cathy Madden

Classes will be informed by Cathy’s book; Teaching the Alexander Technique: Active pathways to Integrative Practice

Working from one of Cathy Madden’s books this course will explore concepts in a practical way.

Online with Cathy Madden on Fridays, an international master teacher.


Teaching the Alexander Technique: Active Pathways to Integrative Practice.

Thoughtful and accessible, this guidebook unpacks the teaching process of the Alexander Technique for new and more experienced

practitioners. By demonstrating the pathway from learning the Alexander Technique for oneself to teaching it, Cathy Madden identifies the skill sets required for excellence in teaching the Alexander Technique and shows readers how they can acquire and develop these skills themselves.

Observation, communication and tactile skills are all covered, and particular attention is paid to group teaching. This is combined with discussion of current research on education and neuroscience, enabling the reader to build a truly informed and effective practice. Featuring a variety of examples and stories, it will prove a valuable resource to any teacher of the Alexander Technique, both active and prospective, and to practitioners of other modalities exploring ways to deepen their practice.  

Over the course of the classes, Cathy will help you design a process facilitating your evolution.  Each class begins with a warm-up tailored to the class, followed by discussion and exploration of concepts from Cathy’s text.  

Fridays 12-2pm (Sydney time), 2 hours @ A$70.00 
16 online classes running until end of  2021. 
Class includes access to class recordings for the duration of the course.
Payment plan available.
Please enquire janet@atsyd.com
Each students needs to purchase a copy of Cathy’s book, there are several online options to do this.

Open to all. This study can be credited towards professional training as an Alexander Technique teacher.

Payment plans available, please email janet@atsyd.com for more information and to get set up.


REVIEWS of Cathy Madden’s book

There are very few books that I can honestly say have changed my life. This book and Cathy’s other book, “Integrative Alexander Technique Practice for Performing Artists: Onstage Synergy” have done exactly that. I have been teaching the Alexander Technique for a number of years, including various workshops and classes with Cathy herself. It has been such a valuable experience to be able to discover through her books what she thinks, what her strategies are, what all the underlying elements of her teaching are and how they can be used by everyone else. Reading these books has seriously deepened my understanding of AT, performance skills, teaching, and life. I’ve found “Teaching the Alexander Technique: Active Pathways to Integrative Practice” to be more ‘readable’ and less academically inclined than the last. I enthusiastically recommend these books. Dave Carr, BodyMinded Alexander Technique Teacher

Cathy Madden writes with a clarity that can only come from over 40 years of practicing and teaching the Alexander Technique. I am grateful to her for putting in to words her thinking processes that she has contemplated and refined rigorously throughout the years. A practical guide to integrating your whole self. — Ken Anno, Training Director of Alexander Technique Teacher Training, BodyChance