Safe and Healthy Music Teaching

Master your music teaching with BodyMinded!

Come and join a community of music teachers passionate about preventing injuries in young players (and recovering from your own accumulated pressures along the way!). Be a part of the conversation around healthy teaching practises and learn practical skills to enhance your playing and teaching.


What is it?

The Safe and Healthy Music Teaching program is a short, online professional development program for music teachers of all levels and experience. The program aims to reduce the stress in teaching, learning, and making music. It facilitates conversations, sharing of ideas and techniques between peers.

What is involved?

The program has been designed with the busy teacher’s schedule in mind. It includes self-paced video material and 4 online live sessions led by experienced classroom and community music teachers, qualified in BodyMinded approaches.

Tell me more!

There will be four 1 ½ hr online Sunday sessions: 16, 23, 30th October and 6th November 2022, combined with preparatory online video and other resources.


The program first ran as a pilot in 2021. Here some feedback from participants:

“It’s enriched lessons, so it’s been really positive for me”

“deepened trust in my relationships with the students. So, wow, that’s fabulous”

“big, big performance anxiety implications”

“It’s been a very interesting course”

“I found the online material really helpful”

“I’ve found this timeframe quite good”

“It was just nice to connect with all of you”


For enquiries, please contact Emma Warburton, Communications Coordinator
m 0478 571 744
e emma@atsyd.com