Bad Posture: are you born with it or is it learned?

Bad Posture: are you born with it or is it learned?

While it’s often difficult to look back into our past and discover when and how we developed poor posture, studies have shown that we are not born with postural issues, (with the exception of some rare cases) instead it results from learned traits. Although it seems hard to comprehend, we actually train our bodies to have bad posture.

Most babies and children have gloriously fluid and easy posture, with flexibility and adaptability as central observable features.  It is joyful to watch children learning to crawl and walk. For many of us, growing up and engaging in the world erodes these natural movement qualities.

It’s quite common for taller people to slouch. There are many reasons this habit occurs, whether it’s to take part in conversation more easily or to blend in with those around them, but over time this poor postural trait can cause physical concerns to evolve, such as lower back pain.

If you sit at a desk at work, you can train your body into poor postural habits. Many people sit hunched over their desks or slump in their chairs. It’s not nice to be uncomfortable!  There is another way, you can ‘unlearn’ your poor posture habits.

Musicians often suffer from poor posture, after countless hours practicing & playing an instrument. Unfortunately, this practice often results in strain, discomfort and pain.  We work a lot with musicians and music teachers – often they are so surprised that these harmful habits can be ‘unlearnt’.

Understanding that poor posture is something we teach ourselves, it’s also important to be aware that it can also be unlearned, by incorporating the right techniques.

The Alexander Technique is integral to correcting poor posture and alleviating the physical effects caused by incorrect body alignment. Rather than being defined as a medical practice, Alexander Technique could be described as a body and mind educational training methodology that teaches you how to achieve optimal coordination and alignment for your individual body shape, by rediscovering better postural techniques.

While you may not have heard of this form of postural training before, it was initially introduced by founder Frederick Matthias Alexander in the 1890s. In conjunction with realigning posture, training in Alexander Technique also helps you avoid unnecessary muscular and mental tension.

Alexander Technique is a preferred training methodology to help prevent musicians’ injuries and has been known to have positive results for sufferers of neck pain, back pain, headaches and many other conditions.