Feeling so empowered to apply Alexander Technique to my life.

Feeling so empowered to apply Alexander Technique to my life.

Written version of Dave Carr’s Account of working with Cathy Madden

Studying with Cathy Madden has been an incredible experience. Each time she’s visited I’ve been on a high the whole time, feeling so empowered to apply the Alexander Technique to my life and so inspired to learn more and more and more!

It must have been about twenty minutes into my first of Cathy’s workshops when I thought to myself “THIS (teaching Alexander Workshops) is what I want to do!” And now it is!

I really loved her clarity in communicating, her otherworldly ability to perceive what a person was doing at a subtle level and say guide them to a new experience in moments, her capacity to totally engage the whole group, that she seemed to really care about the work and really care about her students. And my respect for her continues to grow every time I see her.

One fond memory I have of working with Cathy happened during a group class – I was playing banjo, and Cathy put her hands on my sides. I had the experience of suddenly thinking very clearly – something that had long been a challenge. I was suddenly aware of my whole body as well as the music I was playing, as well as all the people in the room, and I felt able to interact with everyone there! Phew! It was a level of presence I had never previously realised was possible!

I’ve been to many workshops and classes with Cathy in Sydney and I’ve also travelled to the US specifically to study with her – I highly recommend working with her.

Dave Carr offered this account of his experience of working with Cathy Madden to encourage new people to come along! Are you keen to know more? Please get in touch