Finding your Stride, fitting in with friends

Finding your Stride, fitting in with friends

We had a really wonderful summer workshop recently in Katoomba, so many lessons and insights. Everyone was enriched and inspired by the 4 glorious workshop days, Jan 2021.

This is my pondering and wondering about one question which has been very alive for me since the workshop.

You may be aware that what happens inside a workshop stays inside a workshop; it is important. In respect and keeping faith with all our students for this one lesson I’ll refer to the student as ‘Shirley’ – not their real name of course (& a bit of mystery is fun!)

Shirley asked how to walk with friends and not get heavy in the legs because of the need to walk with a shorter stride so as not to end up walking in front of the friends.

Easy one I thought – so simple, just shorten your stride and stay well co-ordinated and all will be well. BOOM. I had it all figured out before the teacher began with the coaching, questioning and exploring. I quietly patted myself on the back for knowing so much about BodyMinded Alexander Technique.

Ummm, well you guessed it … there is so much more to the story.

Layers you could say.

The lesson became about self identity and how to be clear in yourself while still wanting to be with friends – who happen to have different stride lengths.  Also of course, how to be well co-ordinated whatever your stride length.

A lot was uncovered.  The intimate connection between how we move and feel about ourselves was cracked wide open and brought into conscious awareness.

After the workshop, I did a few experiments of my own, walking more slowly and with a shorter stride to the clothes line.  Actually being aware of the impact this has on my sense of space and time.  My insight is that I’m very good at rushing around; it suits my internal sense of who I am. I am purposeful.  When I actively change something as simple as my stride length am I as purposeful?  It certainly opened up the question for me.

Have you ever tried this type of experiment? Have you noticed that with some friends you are always ahead of them or perhaps always behind them. Where is your comfort zone in terms of pace & expansion of movement?  Such interesting questions.

I often have this experience…. I think I’ve got it, I reckon I understand myself and the world. However actually when I go a little deeper I find I know my habits really well!

BodyMinded Alexander Technique is psycho-physical integration. Sounds impressive doesn’t it?

Google says …

Psychophysical relates to the relationship between one’s internal (psychic) and external (physical) worlds. Psychophysical may refer to: Psychophysics, the subdiscipline of psychology dealing with the relationship between physical stimuli and their subjective correlates.

Just try it; move with a slightly altered stride with open awareness and see if you experience something new about yourself? Or perhaps not so much as ‘new’ as experience your ‘habits’ with more clarity

Thanks Shirley for asking this question in the workshop – I learnt a lot!

Kathy Driscoll