Five Minutes Peace, You’d like that?

Five Minutes Peace, You’d like that?

Five Minutes Peace is a delightful story book by Jill Murphy. It was gifted to me decades ago by my sister-in-law, when our kids were young.

In it, a busy mum, Mrs Large has 3 kids & the drama is how she longs for five minutes peace.  All parents know exactly what I’m talking about!  Parenting is about being interrupted!  And then being interrupted some more.

Well actually life is full of interruptions.

Have you noticed how different it is working from home during COVID. Less interruptions, except for people also working at home and home schooling at the same time!

How has it been for you?  Some people love more quiet time, some miss the interruptions and busy-ness of the office a lot.  Getting more done? Perhaps missing the down time in the lunch room?

Getting back to Mrs Large and Five Minutes’ Peace; she ends up listening to her son’s recorder practice & her daughter’s reading while in the bath!  Then the little baby climbs in with her! I think Mrs Large found a joyful energetic type of peace with her children in the story.  Peace doesn’t always mean calm, quiet and nicely scented candles by the warm bath. There is a loud messy type of peace which comes from pets scampering around your ankles or belly laughs with friends. Perhaps when I say peace, I’m meaning connection and warm loving feelings – yes! That is a type of peace I like very much.  Of course, I’m a big fan of the warm bath with candles too!

I read this special book, Five Minutes’ Peace, a lot to my little ones; it was one of my favourites. I don’t think they got the humour working on several levels!

I’m noticing how I often look outside myself for my ‘peace’, when actually the peace is available to me whatever chaos the world throws my way. When I use my BodyMinded thinking to be more present I can find peace whatever is going on around me.

How does the BodyMinded approach help me find five minutes of peace?  Well, I now see that all the workshops and lessons I’ve done have expanded my capacity for peace inside the chaotic craziness of the world. Of course, I need to be using the principles in an alert and conscious manner.  Especially when the chaos level goes up – my need for BodyMinded presence goes up too.

BodyMinded learning gives me time & space to experiment and try new pathways and ideas – be it about twisting to put on a seat belt or pegging clothes on the line, or my performing and singing.

BodyMinded workshops are peaceful in their approach, with tonnes of acceptance and care for what, how and who each of us are…. With the view that we can update our knowledge and this will flow into our behaviours and eventually become new positive habits. Interestingly, I have to practice my peaceful states. With my BodyMinded thinking I can call on my ‘peace’ when it’s needed.

I don’t claim to have open access to my internal peace… however BodyMinded thinking helps me a lot, at least for five minutes peace at a time.

Have you applied your BodyMinded thinking for your own five minutes peace?

I’m wishing you all lots of ‘five minutes of peace’ in each day,

Kathy Driscoll