How BodyMinded Alexander Technique can help sportsmen and women

How BodyMinded Alexander Technique can help sportsmen and women

In recent weeks, we’ve talked about how the Alexander Technique can aid in reducing pain and improving posture in musicians. But did you know that the technique can also be utilised to help sportspeople?

Whether you’re an amateur runner or you have your sights set on making it at a professional level, here is a quick guide on how the Alexander Technique may come in useful for you.

1. General fitness

Whether you play tennis, soccer, rugby or a less well-known sport, you’ll need to be fit in order to stand out. You may think that fitness can only be achieved by putting in hard graft during training. In actual fact, learning and practising the Alexander Technique will enable you to achieve what you want, with less effort. When you learn how to use and move your body correctly, there are fewer barriers in your way and you will find it a lot easier to maintain the general level of fitness required to excel in your chosen field.

2. Technique

All sports involve mastering a technique. Think of the golfer and his swing. Or what about the cricketer devoting hours of her time in the nets to master her defensive strokes? Sometimes, putting practice into learning a technique can cause bad habits to form. The Alexander Technique involves improving your balance, coordination and breathing and promoting freedom of movement. Once you’ve started putting it into practice, you should find that you’re in a better position to work on your technique, with no lasting damage to your body.

3. Injury recovery and avoidance

Injuries are the bane of any sportsperson’s life. Often caused by muscle fatigue, niggles can put you off performing altogether, or affect your posture negatively. The BodyMinded approach using Alexander Technique not only helps with reducing the risk of injury by teaching you how to best use your body, it also facilitates quick recovery.

To find out more about BodyMinded Alexander Technique and how its applications can help sportspeople like you, please get in touch with us today.