Learn about Hands 1: Fingers and Palms

Learn about Hands 1: Fingers and Palms

Greg in this video explains and demonstrates some of the keys ideas about hand movements, starting with the fingers and palms. Hands are important for everyday actions and especially for making music!  Music teachers we have you in mind as we offer these free bite sized videos for you to use – enjoy!

Use this video for yourself or with your students to gain an insight into the functioning of the hands – it is fascinating!


Video transcript

Learn about Hands 1: Fingers and palms

Good day, Greg from BodyMinded.

A little information video about the hand and how you move your hand. You’re teaching instrumental playing, you use your hands for activities of all kinds all day. Take a look at the way that the hand is structured in relation to movement. If you bring your fingers in a straight line like this, and you can see where your knuckles are pointing up the back here, the flexion of the fingers straight out. It’s a very interesting mechanical process. If you trace the knuckle line around the inside of the palm, you can see that the hand folds about a third of the way into the palm. The fingers fold into the palm this way.

Next time you see a student or somebody using their hand like this, you might remind them that the hand folds easily and that the fingers move easily all the way from down here.