Learn about Hands 3: Hand grips

Learn about Hands 3: Hand grips

In this video Greg Holdaway explains and demonstrates the multiple possibilities of hand grips. Consider how you pick up objects, manipulate them and function with precision and detail using your hands; this capacity uses several aspects of your anatomical design. Understanding the range of motion and movement potential of your hands helps you develop your skills.

Video Transcript

Learn about Hands 3: hand grips

Hello again. This is Greg from BodyMinded. This time, we’re looking at the hand grips. I have here a little pencil and you can see that we have the possibility of gripping the pencil between each of the fingers and the thumb. It’s due to what they call thumb opposition where the thumb passes across the palm to meet the little finger. These two fingers, the fourth and the fifth finger also rotate around to meet the thumb and then this is a squarer action. Think of it as a kind of a pinch grip. Grip a piece of paper between the finger and the thumb.

The classic grips that you might be interested in exploring a little, the way that the hand wraps around things when you take hold of them. That wrapping around as in an out and around sweeping action, called the digital sweep. Without digital sweep, if the hand simply close with the fingers, it would push the object out of the hand. So have a little play with the different kinds of hand grips.

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