Learn about Hands 4: Wrist Moves!

Learn about Hands 4: Wrist Moves!

Greg explains and demonstrates in this video the movements of the wrist. We can take our hand in many directions, largely due to the many small bones and range of motion this makes possible in the wrist.

This video will give you insight into how your wrist moves!
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Video Transcript

Learn about Hands 4: wrist moves!

It might be interesting to consider the action at the wrist, which has forwards and backwards, and side to side. Side to side, forwards and backwards. Those are the actions that are available for the movement of the hand at the wrist.

But of course, we can put your hand anywhere in space, in three-dimensional space, to do any kind of action that you wish. And to do that combines the actions at the wrist with the action of the turning of the forearm. We’ll spend a little more time on turning the forearm in another short video, but consider for yourself that when you reach around the neck of an instrument, or you bring your hands to a keyboard, or you’re doing some other kind of action like reaching for a cup of tea, that there’s this relation between the movement at the wrists, movements at the wrist, and the movement of the forearm which enable you to really place your hand exactly where you want it to be.

All of those joints want to be free to move in order to achieve the full facility of the use of your hand.

See you next time.