Learn about Hands 5: Arm Rotation

Learn about Hands 5: Arm Rotation

Do you know the difference between ‘page turning’ or ‘key motion’ for the hand and arm? In this video Greg explains and demonstrates these differences simply. Understanding how you move gives you more choices for moving with ease.

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Video Transcript

Learn about hands 5: arm rotation

… and the facility to move three-dimensionally in space. Here we’re going to look at the turning of the forearm which is a different action or combined with, can be combined with, but a different action from the turning of the whole arm from the shoulder.

Your hand turns over with action in the forearm and with action at the shoulder, and there’s a combination possible, obviously, of those movements working together. There are two ways for your arm to turn around at the forearm. One of them is just, your hand stays pretty much where it is in space and your whole hand rotates around the centre of the forearm like this.

And the other one, which they call a page-turning action, is the action where the arm travels through space. The thumb travels a long distance, that the little finger pretty much stays where it is, and that’s a page-turning action, as if you were turning a page.

The key-turning action, hand stays where it is. The page-turning action where the hand is moving a lot of space. One of those is a little easier than from the other. Maybe you’ll discover that when you experiment.

See you next time.