Learn about Hands 6: Collar bones move too!

Learn about Hands 6: Collar bones move too!

Did you know your collar bones move when you move your arms? They are suppose to do that! In this video Greg explains and demonstrates the movement of the collar bones in relation to arm and hand movements.

This information is very helpful for everyone! Many people have this false idea that your shoulders are not suppose to move, do you think this? Check out this video to update your ideas about shoulder and arm movement.
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Learn about Hands 6: Collar bones move too!

… moves all the way from almost the centre of the body. If you feel along your collarbone to this little bump, the sternoclavicular joint, and then you move your arm you’ll feel the bump moving as your collarbone moves. You can trace your collarbone out to where it attaches to the scapula, or you’re shoulder blade, out here and then trace it back again along to where it attaches to your sternum, or your breastbone, in here. When you move your arm, and to reach or to move, the whole shoulder girdle is moving and that means your collarbone is moving. Your collarbone is a part of your shoulder girdle. It’s a part of your whole arm. This is an arm bone. So think about that when you reach for an object forwards there will be a pivoting here as the shoulder blade comes around your ribs, and the shoulder moves kind of forwards in space. Can you see that?

I bring my arm forward like this, my shoulder is here, and I bring my hand back again you can see how much my shoulder was moving in order to reach the arm forward. The shoulder girdle moves with the arm and wants to be free to come up and forward in your actions. The ease of movement, the release of pressure and good body support.

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