Lessons from a Jam Jar

Lessons from a Jam Jar

What can you learn from opening a jam jar?

One of the things I love about BodyMinded Alexander Technique is that I will find these priniciples turning on in random moments of my life (more so now having completed the professional training as an Alexander Technique Teacher).

One such example, that happened for me recently was a moment with a jam jar. This particular morning, my mind was busy with the plans for work and various errands I would be heading to do after breakfast. I recall getting the toast in the toaster and then trying to open the jar of strawberry jam. The lid was stuck sufficiently tight that not only did fail to open the jar but I felt sensations of tightening and tension not only tightening my arms, neck and shoulders but also my lower back and thighs as I “scrunched down” trying to open this jam jar. It was this tension that broke me from my spell of mental planning.

I took a few seconds to be mindful spatially of where my head was above my spine and connection with the soles of my feet on the floor. Then continuing this thinking of my “Head and Whole Body” so that I could open the jam jar, I again proceeded to open the jam jar. It still took a little work (muscular action). I can’t verify there was no “scrunch” (no mirrrors and no one around) but there was none of that tension in my lower back and thighs. So I know there was less muscular effort and I was working more efficiently.

It’s surprising what can be your teacher.

More suprising how some things can change in just a few seconds of clear thinking.

Have you had any moments like these? We’d love to hear them.

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This Jam Jar account was told by Simon Hingee,

one of our wonderful BodyMinded Alexander Technique Teachers.