Meet the Team – Simon Hingee

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Meet the Team – Simon Hingee

We have a wonderful team of teachers here at BodyMinded Sydney Alexander Technique.  To get to know us, we have asked Simon a few questions. Please enjoy Simon’s answers…

Tell us why BodyMinded Alexander Technique makes you smile?

I love that this work and these principles operate in an indirect way which leads me to both an indirect and direct answer.

The direct answer, when I’m using the BodyMinded Alexander Technique, I have more energy and am moving with more ease and comfort (thus generally “more smiley”) which has improved my Yoga Teaching and Remedial Massage work and day to day activities (hobbies and household chores).

The indirect answer, there have been a few rarer experiences of my coordination turning on that were “mind-blowing” in there expansiveness. It was this kind of experience that makes me smile as I recall them and also lead me into becoming a professional BodyMinded Alexander Technique Teacher. So now I can help other people “smile” in (an indirect way of course).

When you are not teaching BodyMinded Alexander Technique what makes you smile?

Coming home to my partner and our cat. Going to Tai Chi watching Martial Art movies. I enjoy movement which is what lead me to Yoga and most recently BodyMinded Alexander Tecnique.


Share with us the top 3 people that inspire you

I’m sure if you ask me this on another day, I may have a different list.

Dan Millman – I remember reading his book “Way of the Peaceful Warrior” and getting goosebumps. His personal story speaks to me of the resilience and vast potential of the human spirit and mind.

Mahatma Ganghi – I am also a Yoga Teacher …

Everyday heroes – Can be anyone in any moment that changes my perspective in the day but also sometimes people you hear about on the radio or facebook. Recently, on facebook a received a post about a Malawian (South-East African) teenager (at the time), William Kamkwamba, who taught himself to build a windmill out of junk and brought power to his village. (He has a TED talk …)

If you invited me over for dinner what would you cook?

It would most likely involve:

my Mum’s brown rice salad recipe (olive oil, garlic, soy sause, parsley, …)

Crumbed fish or a recipe for something I haven’t tried on the stove or in the oven

Dessert (usually something with chocolate and/or a good icecream)

When my partner and I have people over I do like big quantities of food generally with left overs that I enjoy eating over the next day or two. So the brown rice salad is the “tried and true” which I can do the night or day before. The mains is an chance to try something new or that I don’t usually cook. I’ve always been a dessert person so guests are always a good excuse to indulge.



What’s your top tip for using BodyMinded Alexander Technique?

For those just getting started with BodyMinded Alexander Technique, “Remember spatially your head is above your spine relative to your feet.”

Otherwise, “Feeling comes after. This is a process. Apply the process to create change (physical / mental / emotion / ?). Creating change (physical / mental / emotion / ?) whether felt immediately or gradually over time is still felt after applying this process. 

Feeling comes after.


You can contact Simon here…