Mind over matter: managing pain with an Alexander Technique mindset

Mind over matter: managing pain with an Alexander Technique mindset

Experiencing chronic back pain? Suffering from severe headaches? Trying to recover from injuries that impact negatively on your life? If you have tried everything and still cannot find a solution, adopting the BodyMinded Alexander Technique mindset can help you to naturally manage pain and move towards recovery. 

BodyMinded Alexander Technique can assist you with the following concerns:

  • Carpel tunnel syndrome
  • repetitive strain injuries
  • backaches
  • sore shoulders or necks
  • plus other pain related challenges.

Many approaches to managing pains, strain or physical struggles are treating the symptoms not actually addressing the root cause. BodyMinded Alexander Technique  gives you an education and insights into how YOU can manage in new ways.

It’s education, not treatment.

When you are suffering from chronic pain, you have likely exhausted numerous options and treatments to resolve the pain – but to no avail. You might have tried medications, chiropractic care, massages or even surgery. Each of these can act as an important factor towards recovery, but BodyMinded Alexander Technique contributes to your full recovery by providing education that reduces or eliminates your pain. You can self-manage your co-ordination and the integration of your mind and actions. Yes, you can discover a new positive mindset that gives you practical steps to being much more comfortable.

Did you know that your mindset plays an incredibly important role in your path to recovery? BodyMinded Alexander Technique teaches you to release tension that you don’t need and modulate your responses to your pain episodes. Your BodyMinded mindset enables you to make profound shifts to achieve optimal physical wellbeing.

Breaking your habitual responses to pain, possibly even breaking the pain barrier.

Pain is a personal message from your body whenever there is illness, injury or excess tension. It can trigger your body’s flight or fight response, causing your stress levels to rise and anxiety levels to escalate. Your muscles tense up during this response, which is your body’s way of telling you to prepare for a dangerous or uncomfortable event. When your muscles tense, it’s similar to an anaesthetic – there is less sensation. Continuous pain has a negative physical and emotional effect on the body, and limits how you relate and function in your life. This often causes excess anxiety, disturbed sleep and depression if left unresolved or untreated.

Utilising BodyMinded Alexander Technique to achieve self-management with your pain gives you a better understanding of how your body works. Through a series of classes, you will gain a sense of control over your stress and tension response. You will reduce the muscular compression that can trigger pain, and learn how to return your mind and body to better balance and health.

For more information on reaching your potential and breaking free from habitual pain responses and barriers, contact us at Sydney Alexander Technique today. Our specialised classes or individual sessions will help you on your journey to recovery.