Posture myths you probably believe

Posture myths you probably believe

We’re all familiar with the concept of posture, with most of us being reprimanded by our parents or teachers for not sitting up straight from an early age. But despite this widespread awareness of the benefits of good posture, there are many myths and misconceptions circulating as well. Here are just a few you might believe:

1. Straight as a ramrod

Many people believe that you need to constantly hold onto a perfectly straight and symmetrical posture, but this can actually do more harm than good. Good posture is all about developing an awareness of your natural body positions and shapes rather than forcing it into an artificially constructed one. When it comes to posture, there’s no one-size fits all, so get to know your own body.

2. Hold still

When people think of sitting up straight, they often think of an unmoving, unrelenting hold involving a stiff back and tight shoulders. However, because the body is naturally dynamic and meant to move, it’s important that your posture reflects this. True good posture means moving naturally in a way that’s in line with the way your body works best.

3. Focus

Posture, even in the beginning, shouldn’t be something that occupies your mind constantly. People who are trying to sit straight without moving may find themselves concentrating on keeping their bodies in these uncomfortable positions instead of really experiencing life. It can also become irritating if you find yourself relaxing when your mind wanders and the relief of slouching at the end of a long day is enough to make people give up on good posture forever.

How about you?  Have you ever kept yourself stiff and straight because you thought it was what you should be doing to have good posture?  There is another way…

The Alexander Technique

Good posture should be something that improves your life and wellbeing, it shouldn’t be another chore you tick off your to-do list. Using the Alexander Technique, it’s possible to unlock a life of good posture without using any of the myths mentioned above. It all begins with increasing awareness and ends with a revitalised lifestyle.

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