The Importance of postural awareness

The Importance of postural awareness

Sit down. Now look at the way you’re sitting. Did you make a conscious decision to adopt that pose? Most likely not. Whether you’re a musician or just someone looking to maintain a high quality of life, then you should be aware that there are definitely healthier ways to sit, stand and walk. Yet few of us make attempts to implement them. The Alexander Technique teaches exactly this. Re-learning how to use your body to its full potential is something that not only musicians, but everyone, could be doing. It will leave you feeling refreshed and with good postural habits as opposed to damaging ones.


Did you know that you’re probably putting far too much force into your movements? There are some ways of moving that require less effort than others, and this is what the Alexander Technique recognises. By being aware of what movements are the most economical, you’ll save energy and distribute stress evenly around the body, so you’re not left with pinched nerves, pulled muscles or other debilitating conditions. When sitting, standing or lying down, there are some basic ideas everyone can begin to implement immediately – immediately after your first class! SITTING

Crossing legs, stretching your feet out and positioning your back at an awkward angle are all common positions we find ourselves in. In fact, for the least stress, the overall balance of the body starts with the delicate balance of your head on top of your spine. This is what we teach you in BodyMinded Alexander Technique lessons.


Often we’ll place our weight on one side while standing. Next time you stand, think about where you’re directing your weight, and see if it could be more evened out.


Walking is part of everyday life. Obtaining a poise and posture while walking is actually complex with so many possible movements to co-ordinate! You may lean slightly forward or not have your head aligned with ease, it is highly likely you are totally non-aware of how you walk. You will get improved ease with your walking by taking a class in the Alexander Technique.


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