What is the Alexander Technique?

What is the Alexander Technique?

As humans, we are all designed and created uniquely. Our bodies are beautiful feats of engineering that are capable of extraordinary things. Yet so many people walk around operating at only a fraction of their true physical potential, and in chronic pain each day. Back pain, headaches, and repetitive-strain injuries are brought about because people aren’t co-operating with their body’s unique design and function.

The Alexander Technique uses mindfulness and gentle coaching to teach the student how their body is designed and how to start co-operating with that design instead of fighting against it. After all, movement habits are driven by thinking habits. Through the guided teachings that bring enlightenment and understanding of the body as a ‘whole’, including the emotional and conceptual elements that make up our bodies, people can increase their health and wellbeing.

Knowledge is power

The BodyMinded Alexander Technique teaches students a practical methodology that they can take home and implement in their everyday lives. It’s perfect for musicians, actors, teachers, athletes, or anyone who has suffered a repetitive-strain injury that is still impacting their movements now.

With the BodyMinded Alexander Technique, students are taught how to not hurt themselves using careful observation and understanding. During a class or workshop, the teachers impart the knowledge each individual student needs to mend their own pain, not inflict more of it on themselves.

A gentle and thoughtful approach that works to show the harmful habits that have been cemented in us over time, the Alexander Technique allows freedom of movement and muscle-tension release to improve quality of life, putting the control back in the hands of the student.

Specifically tailored to you

Due to the unique nature of each person and their lifestyle, everyone suffers from different forms of pain and bad habits that cause it. An athlete’s issues are different from an office worker, who’s different from an opera singer.

You are beautifully unique, and we will treat you as such when working with you to alleviate your pain. The Sydney Alexander Technique team are dedicated to providing you with the knowledge you need to improve your natural poise, balance, and posture.

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