Author: SAT

What can you learn from opening a jam jar? One of the things I love about BodyMinded Alexander Technique is that I will find these priniciples turning on in random moments of my life (more so now having completed the professional training as an Alexander Technique...

In this video Greg Holdaway explains and demonstrates the multiple possibilities of hand grips. Consider how you pick up objects, manipulate them and function with precision and detail using your hands; this capacity uses several aspects of your anatomical design. Understanding the range of motion and movement potential of your hands helps you develop your skills.

Greg in this video explains and demonstrates some of the keys ideas about hand movements, starting with the fingers and palms. Hands are important for everyday actions and especially for making music!  Music teachers we have you in mind as we offer these free bite sized videos for you to use - enjoy! Use this video for yourself or with your students to gain an insight into the functioning of the hands - it is fascinating!